David and Jonathan, 1642, Rembrandt

Medium: oil,board

Seated Old Man (possibly Rembrandt`s father), Rembrandt


The Family (La Famille) by Henri Rousseau, The Barnes Foundation

Barnes Foundation (Philadelphia), Collection Gallery, Room 11, East Wall
Medium: Oil on canvas

A Man in a Room, 1630, Rembrandt


Entombment, 1603, Caravaggio

Medium: oil,canvas

Descent from the Cross (centre panel), 1614, Peter Paul Rubens

Medium: oil,panel

Portrait of an unknown woman, 1643, Frans Hals

Medium: oil,canvas

Cupid Blowing Soap Bubbles, 1634, Rembrandt

Medium: oil


Venus Presenting Arms to Aeneas, 1639, Nicolas Poussin

Medium: oil,canvas

Portrait of Isaac Abrahamsz, 1635, Frans Hals

Medium: oil,panel