This Sunday’s Bach Cantata – Easter Sunday BWV…

This Sunday’s Bach Cantata – Easter Sunday 

BWV 249 – Kommt, eilet und laufet, ihr flüchtigen Füße – 9. recitative & 10. chorus  

Peter Kooy, bass
Collegium Vocale, Gent; dir. Philippe Herreweghe  

We are delighted that our Jesus lives again, and our hearts, which first dissolved and floated in grief, forget the pain and imagine songs of joy; for our Savior lives again.  

Praise and thanks
remain, Lord, your hymn of praise.
Hell and devil are conquered,
its gates are destroyed.
Rejoice, you rescued tongues,
so that you are heard in heaven.
Open, O heavens, your magnificent drawbridges,
the Lion of Judah approaches in triumph!