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Mozart – Violin Concerto no. 5, “Turkish”

Another concerto written in his teen years, before he shifted his attention to promoting himself in concert with the piano. That seemed to be yet another example of ways his relationship with his father was deteriorating [apparently Leopold hated the piano?]. The fifth violin concerto is very bright, the opening movement is vibrant and fun and almost dreamlike. The middle is a lovely idyllic piece that’s easy to get lost in. The last movement starts as a charming rondo, but shifts to something more “dark” and “violent”, the “Turkish” moment that the title refers to because here Mozart is recreating the sounds of janissary bands [or so how European audiences assumed they sounded like]. A nod to how Turkish culture was “fashionable” in Vienna at the time. Talk about the historical inaccuracies of Amadeus all you want, at least one character dropped the reference “Everything Turkish is in”. I first heard this work at a CSO concert with my friends, and I remember it was an interesting program; Strauss’ Till Eulenspiegel, this concerto, and John Adams’ Harmonielehre. So, a Classical, a Late/Post Romanic, and a Postmodern(?) piece. And I thought that this one would be the most “boring” because at that time I was still meh toward Mozart in general, but the last movement was so much fun it gets stuck in my head often. I imagine it as the soundtrack for a movie, maybe one of the very strict characters is walking into a scene. Cue music.


1. Allegro aperto

2. Adagio

3. Rondo – Tempo di minuetto

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Symphony No.4 In G
Major – I. Bedächtig, Nicht Eilen

Year/Date of Composition : 1900-01

By Composer Gustav Mahler

Performed By Conductor Sir Simon Rattle And The City Of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra

Tchaikovsky : Souvenir De Florence – Allegrett…

Tchaikovsky : Souvenir De Florence – Allegretto Moderato

Phillippe Entremont, Vienna Chamber Orchestra

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Felix Weingartner | Yaylılar için Serenat, Andante sostenuto

Symphony In C Major, WD 33 – III. Allegro Viva…

Symphony In C Major, WD 33 – III. Allegro Vivace

By Composer Georges Bizet (1838-1875)

Performed By Conductor Lamberto Gardelli And The Münchner Rundfunkorchester 



Sergei Prokofiev – Lieutenant Kijé – Romance 

Bydlo – Modest Mussorgsky

Bydlo – Modest Mussorgsky

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Josef Suk (1874 – 1935) – Under the Apple Tree, Op. 20: I. Under the Apple Tree. Živan’s Longing

Otakar TrhlikJanacek Philharmonic Orchestra

A student of Antonín Dvořák, who considered Suk to be one of his “favorite pupils.”

“Suk, alongside Vitezslav Novak and Ostrčil, was considered to be one of the leading composers in Czech Modernism, with much of this influence coming from Dvořák.”

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Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, Concerto in D minor Wq 22 – Allegro di molto

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ShostakovichPiano Quintet in g minor, op.57

This work seems to be coming from “the other Shostakovich”, as Alex Ross calls the more intimate chamber music that the composer was more free to speak his own voice, more free to be open and honest about his emotions while staying under the radar of Soviet party approval. This quintet was written around the same time as his sixth symphony, and despite six staves of music, there is a hyper focus on clarity, and the texture is surprisingly thin. It sounds like I’m walking outside some winter day, black trees bare, grey clouds


1. Prelude. Lento

2. Fugue. Adagio

3. Scherzo. Allegretto

4. Intermezzo. Lento

5. Finale. Allegretto