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John Williams Schindler’s list music

gasparodasalo: C.P.E. Bach (1714-88) – Sinfoni…


C.P.E. Bach (1714-88) – Sinfonia No. 6 in E-Major for Strings and Basso continuo, WQ 182, III. Allegro spirituoso, performed by Camerata Bern.

lesser-known-composers: Ignacy Feliks Dobrzyńs…


Ignacy Feliks Dobrzyński (1807 – 1867)

Work: Piano Concerto in A-flat major, Op.2 (1824)

Mov.I: Allegro moderato 00:00
Mov.II: Andante espressivo 17:50
Mov.III: Rondo. Vivace ma non troppo 27:50

Pianist: Emilian Madey

Orchestra: Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra

Conductor: Lukasz Borowicz


whitejuices: Mitsuko UchidaSchumann: Carnaval,…


Mitsuko Uchida
Schumann: Carnaval, Op. 9
Pause – Marche des ‘Davidsbundler’ contre les Philistins (3:58)

senfonikankara:Rachmaninov | Prelude Op.23 No….


Rachmaninov | Prelude Op.23 No.5

Olga Scheps, piano

lesser-known-composers: Jules Massenet – Noctu…


Jules Massenet – Nocturne from Orchestral Suite No.1

       Jean-Yves Ossonce

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Dedicated To @perpulchra 😊🎵

6 Impromptus For Piano, Op. 5 – Impromptu No. 6 In E Major

By Composer Jean Sibelius 

Havard Gimse, Pianist

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IV Sonatas For Violin & Viola ( Vier Sonaten Fur Violine Und Bratsche ) – III. Sonata In F Major, MH 338

By Composer Johann Michael Haydn

Susanne Lautenbacher, Violin ~ Ulrich Koch, Viola

senfonikankara: Mozart | 5. Keman Konçertosu, …


Mozart | 5. Keman Konçertosu, Adagio

mikrokosmos: Saint-Saëns – Piano Concerto no.5…


Saint-SaënsPiano Concerto no.5, “The Egyptian” (1896)

One feature that pops up a lot in 19th century music is “Exoticism”, that is a fascination with other [typically non-European] cultures. In music, this manifests as writing about folklore of those cultures, or using that culture’s music as inspiration. Here, Saint-Saëns pulls from his many trips to Egypt, and even wrote this work while vacationing in Luxor. And despite growing out of his performer-virtuoso days, he still injected the work with dazzling pianistic feats. While the work is subtitled Egyptian, referencing the Egyptian-inspired second movement, it also evokes Spanish and Javanese gamelan music, and Saint-Saëns described the work as being like a sea voyage. The work does carry a sense of magic and adventure that you would find in a Jules Verne novel. It opens quietly, a simple theme in the piano, that soon is elaborated as glittering figures over the orchestra. A softer introspective theme is used as a contrast, and they play with each other through a momentum of forward drama. It’s hard not to picture a ship fighting against waves while a handsome man stands at the bow, looking off at the horizon with a determined smile. The movement ends with a playful and quiet coda. The second movement rushes in with a dramatic and almost Hollywood-esque flourish of Middle Eastern scales. Soon the music dies down to something more sensual, a re-write of a Nubian love song that Saint-Saëns heard sung by the boatman that sailed him down the Nile. The music is gorgeous, and colorful with the strings and piano ornamentations. After the lush orchestration of the love song passes, a passage that is very Javanese comes out in the piano playing a cheery pentatonic figure over a pulsing rhythm, and then the music that opened the movement returns, only more subdued and now coming off with a mysterious air. The last movement rushes in with a very difficult but lighthearted melody, almost like a carnival. The toccata takes the listener to the edge of their seat as they hear incredible feats of strength, dexterity, and musicality. After going through the frantic runs, the orchestra breaks out into an uplifting coda. More than any other work, I feel like this concerto exemplifies the spirit of the 19th century in Europe, this fascination with adventure and discovery that fills the minds of young children with dreams, and the kind of music that tries to make the listener’s imagination run wild.


1. Allegro animato

2. Andante

3. Molto allegro