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Voice Of The Violin – Joshua Bell


Sylvio LAZZARI Quatuor à Cordes en La mineur Op. 17 – Andante 

Quatuor à Cordes de Paris : Jean Leber (1er Violon), Gérard Klam (2ème
Violon), Tasso Adamopoulos (Alto), Philippe Cherond (Violoncelle)

Cello Sonata, Op.2 –

III. Gigue: Allegro Molto 

By Composer

Maurice Emmanuel  

Raphael Perraud, Cello ~ Laurent Wagschal, Piano 

Painting By Artist Gordon Elliott

3 Pieces, Op.2 – I. Etude in C♯ Minor 

By Composer Aleksandr Scriabin

Marc-André Hamelin, Pianist


“A Captive Audience” By Artist Frédéric Samuel Cordey 


Six Lieder, Op.13 – 6. Die stille Lotosblume

Barbara Bonney, Soprano and Vladimir Ashkenazy, Piano

Clara Schumann, Composer / Librettist: Emanuel Geibel (Nos.3, 4, 6)

Symphony No. 95 In C Minor, Hob.I:95: – IV. Finale, Vivace

By Composer Franz Joseph Haydn

Performed By Conductor Günther Herbig And The Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra


Francis Poulenc: Concerto Pour Piano & Orchestre – i. Allegretto

Eric Le Sage: piano

Orchestre Philharmonique de Liège

dir. Stéphane Denève


Anatoly Konstantinovich Lyadov (1855-1914).

The (Prelude in B minor) Three Pieces for piano, Op.11 were composed in 1885 & published the next year. It has been argued that Lyadov never completed a large-scale work. However, many of his miniatures have their place in the piano repertoire.

While Lyadov’s technical facility was highly regarded by his contemporaries, his unreliability stood in the way of his advancement. His published compositions are relatively few in number through his natural indolence and a certain self-critical lack of confidence.

Prokofiev recalled that even the most innocent musical innovations drove the conservative Lyadov crazy. “Shoving his hands in his pockets and rocking in his soft woollen shoes without heels, he would say, “I don’t understand why you are studying with me. Go to Richard Strauss. Go to Debussy.” This was said in a tone that meant ‘Go to the devil!’.

Mozart  –  Ave verum corpus, K. 618 

 The Schütz Consort, The London Classical Players, Roger Norrington


Violin Sonata No.2 In G Major, Op.13 – III. Allegro Animato

Composition Year : 1867

By Composer Edvard Grieg 

Ole Böhn, Violinist ~ Einar Steen-Nøkleberg, Pianist